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DPubS Announcement -- July 2007

We are pleased to announce the release of a significantly upgraded version of DPubS, the open source Digital Publishing System developed by Cornell University Library and Penn State University Libraries.

The new version, DPubS 2.1, has these improvements and enhancements:

  • Editorial Service added. Version 2.1 of DPubS includes an alpha release of the DPubS Editorial Service. This Service provides tools in support of the peer review process, including author submission of content, editorial review, reviewer assignment, delivery of content to reviewers, review submission, journal issue assembly, and issue publication.
  • Enhanced Lucene support. DPubS now supports incremental and staged indexing, allowing search to remain operational during any indexing process. Search result sorting and slicing have been significantly improved.
  • Cross-repository interoperability upgraded. The new version of DPubS now supports repository interoperability with Fedora 2.2.
  • Admin Service upgrade. The user interface for system administrators has been overhauled, with a cleaner UI and added functionality. Admins can now set up and modify publication level data and manage subscriptions from the web-based Admin Services, along with all previous functionality.
  • General bug fixes. Numerous small improvements to the DPubS code have been implemented since the release of version 2.0 in October 2006.

Version 2.1 is currently running Project Euclid (http://projecteuclid.org), an active and growing publishing operation with 51 journals, a monograph series, and a conference proceeding, all indexed and accessible via a single instance of DPubS.

Work will continue on the Editorial Service, as we respond to feedback, make adjustments, and add functionality. We expect another release of DPubS in Fall 2007.

For DPubS code and documentation, see: http://dpubs.org


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